Vision and Philosophy

Our mission as an institute is to provide the best possible education to deaf children to help them become contributing members of society and lead an independent and fulfilling lives.

In a country where schooling means rote learning, overcrowding, and lack of access to reliable information, Umang has dedicated itself to making education a joy and a vehicle for personal freedom and social justice for deaf children.

We strive to bring about a change in the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in society- deaf children, especially deaf girls, whose problems though invisible are profound and have far reaching consequences on their lives.

It is the vision of Umang to strive to be the model and the vehicle through which education systems for all deaf children are transformed (all over the country) so that they may all have

We believe that true empowerment only comes when individuals have choices which they can exercise, and that comes through proper education alone.

Education is the cornerstone for human development. It opens up avenues otherwise closed, enabling persons to make informed choices about their lives. All children are unique and deserve the right to quality education and the opportunity to develop their full potential.

The school operates on the defining principle that learning is ongoing and intrinsic to life. We strongly feel that learning should be a joyous experience for all. We strive to make learning a pleasure and everyday a joy for our children. It is our endeavor to create a non- threatening environment which encourages children to explore and learn and constantly expand their experiences and horizons. Education has to be need based. Each child is unique with his or her own specific needs. Intervention must therefore be both formal and non-formal depending on a child's unique circumstances. Wherever possible, it is the goal of the Institute to bring the child into the mainstream of life and education.

We believe that deaf children are children first and foremost and the only limitations are those that we impose on them ourselves. The only thing deaf children cannot do is hear well as we do!

We believe that life is a challenge and deaf children can learn to meet it given the right opportunities.

We believe that parents are our partners and together we CAN succeed.

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