Joy of Giving - We are the World

In an increasingly more violent world, understanding emotions and developing strong values, tolerance and empathy are exceedingly important for all children. In keeping with this view, and appreciating that this is a much neglected and difficult area of work, we introduced a special emotional literacy and values education component into our curriculum in 2009, using simple stories designed and prepared by us.

This naturally led to us participating in the Design for Giving Contest over 2 successive years. This contest was organized by Riverside School – Ahmedabad as part of the Joy of Giving Week (27th September to 3rd October) sponsored by Give India. During this week all of India was engaged in conscious acts of giving. Over 1000 schools from all over the country participated too. Our children presented the work they have been doing at the “Shrimati Maniben Tribhovandas Matrugruh” and at the municipal school with whom we share a building, embodying the concept ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.

It is a matter of pride for us that our children were among the top 20 participating institutes and were once of the winners of the Disney Outreach prizes and a second time winners of jury’s special mention award.

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